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Country Creatures Supplier Series: Brixham Seafish

At Country Creatures we carefully select all our suppliers to provide us with the very best of products: British companies with the highest regard for sustainability, animal welfare and attention to detail to produce the highest quality food, drink and everything else we use across our inns and pubs. We wanted to showcase some of these companies through our Country Creatures Supplier Series to share some of the highest level of producers engaging in non intensive and traditional techniques to create some of the best tasting and highest quality products around.

For part four of our series we are shining a spotlight on Brixham Seafish who supply us with some of the best fish around. With 80 years in the business they hand deliver fresh fish to some of the best restaurants and businesses in Europe and we couldn’t be happier to be one of these businesses. Nigel and Josh have close ties with tall he fishermen and Chefs they work with allowing them to offer the best seasonal and sustainable fish daily, direct from the boats in Brixham.

We caught up with Josh Perkes, Managing Director of Brixham Seafish who founded the company in 2011 with his father Ian Perkes and Nigel Ward in 2011

Can you tell us about the history of the company?

I wanted to try something different within the fishing industry after working for my father in wholesale export. Nigel had sold his company Channel fisheries and was also looking for a new venture so we went down the road of supplying the finest seafood to the best restaurants within a 24hr turnaround.

Country Creatures is proud to support companies with a focus on quality, sustainability, traditional methods and the best animal welfare practices. What does this focus mean to you?

I totally agree. Sustainability for me is about working with fish that is in season, therefore we mostly buy fish that is caught by small inshore fishing boats that only go out to fish for a few hours of a day. Also we try to recommend to our customers when planning dishes the most sustainable and freshest fish that’s in season at that time of year.

What makes your fish and seafood so special?

Time and Handling.  That’s what makes our fish special. The least amount of time between the fish coming out of the water and being placed on a plate is key. Also the care taken when preparing the fish to the customers specifications be it filleted or skinned etc.

What is your favourite fish and what is the best way of cooking it?

Tricky question as I like a big range of fish throughout the year but overall probably Turbot roasted on the bone whole, About a 3kg fish is perfect.



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