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Dry January

We’ve got your covered this January with all your very favourite DRD cocktails in non alcoholic versions! They can be pretty delicious we can assure you. Here are just three to get your taste buds tingling.

Basilica cocktail

Raspberry Coupe – our non alcoholic version of the ‘fresh coupe’. Made with a homemade raspberry cordial so we can fill it with actual fresh fruit.
(seedlip, raspberry cordial, lemon, pineapple, blackberry)

Basillica – non-alc version of our DRD classic ‘basil and pepper’. A short dry cocktail with a vibrant green colour.
(seedlip, basil, lemon, white pepper)

Flower Fizz – A long refreshing cocktail
(seedlip, cranberry, chamomile, lemon & sparkling Noughty Chardonnay)

Oh and then there’s our ‘shrubs’ which are all made in house. This is an old American style of drink which includes lots of fresh fruit preserved with equal parts apple cider vinegar and sugar. We serve it long with soda. Are current ‘shrubs’ are ‘blackcurrant and juniper’ and ‘lemon and rosemary’.

Of course all of these drinks are available at anytime of year. Not just in January!

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