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The Double Red Duke Wine Society with Renegade Wines

Our Double Red Duke Wine Society is a chance to learn a bit about wines as well as try a few along the way. For both the wine buff and the wine novice these evenings have something for everyone. We hope to show give our guests the chance to try and hear about wines that they might never of heard of or tasted before. We will go for some classics but also go for some innovative, modern producers along the way too.  It’s not just wine, we will also be serving a delicious array of snacks from the kitchen.

We are excited to welcome Warwick from Renegade Wines for our Wine Society event on 28th February. Renegade Wines is the cutting edge urban winery based in London buying the very best grapes from vineyards around the UK and further afield.

Renegade Wines was founded in 2016, and they buy top quality, hand harvested grapes from vineyards around the UK and Europe, race them back to London and make innovative, premium, modern styles of wine. Originally based in Bethnal Green, East London, they moved their wine production to Walthamstow, East London in the summer of 2021. Here they have built a state of the art winery with a bar (and kitchen to come).

This is what Warwick has to say: ‘An urban winery may seem like a mad idea but bear with us a minute…When we started making wine in 2016 we were copycat winemakers. We asked the growers how we should make wine with their grapes, and that’s what we did. We soon realised this was a mistake. Unlike in Europe, there is no strong tradition, legislation or consumer expectation in the English wine industry, so we are not limited in terms of the styles we can or are allowed to make here. On top of that, London has been a centre of innovation, craft, production and quality food and drinks for a long time and, as such, should be leading the charge on new wine styles and winemaking approaches, using both ancient and modern techniques.’

‘So, in 2017, we changed. We now make around 12-14 wines a year, from classical styles with a twist to wines that are entirely unique. Alongside our core range we make a variety of new styles each year. We produce around 40-70,000 bottles annually. This may sound like a lot but it is quite small for a commercial winery. ‘
Join us for a different night out tasting wines I can pretty much guarantee you haven’t tasted before and learning a lot about wine in the process.

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