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Cosy Fireside Christmas Cocktails

Josh Page, our Beverage Manager and chief mixologist at The Double Red Duke has got together a fantastic collection of festive cocktails to enjoy at the bar, in the snugs or by one of our cosy fireplaces.

Josh has a background in cocktails and cut his teeth in Oxford before heading out to the countryside and behind the bar at The Double Red Duke. With an ever changing cocktail list you can be sure to always find a drink you fancy and if you’re unsure ask Josh, he’ll be able to make you something you’ll love, we can you promise you that.

As featured in last weekend’s Sunday Telegraph we have picked five of Josh’s favourites to share with you and to get you into the Christmas spirit in time for Christmas. First up is the Barbeque Pineapple using smoky mezcal which goes perfectly with our range of steaks cooked over the fire here in our kitchen. We all have specific identifying flavours and tastes of Christmas and these cocktails incorporate those from nutmeg to cinnamon, marzipan and even a Christmas tree.


Barbeque Pineapple

A vibrant smoky cocktail where balance is key. Added to compliment our style of cooking over live fire. This is complex and refined all at once with a punch of agave to excite your palate.

Method: Shake and Double Strain

Glass: Bellini Glass

10ml Mezcal

25ml Tequila

20ml Aperol

20ml Lime

35ml Pineapple

2 Dash angostura bitters

Pour all ingredients into your shaker and give it a quick shake. Take the cold cocktail glass out of the fridge and add 4/5 ice cubes to top. Double strain, no garnish.

Blood and Barley

Rich and indulgent, this sipper is our own blood and sand variation with the herbal Fernet Branca, blood orange and sweetened with maple syrup. If you think you don’t like scotch well, here’s your answer.

Glass: Nick and Nora

Method: Shake & Double Strain

40ml J&B whisky

7.5ml Fernet Branca

30ml Blood Orange Juice

10ml Maple Syrup

2 Dash Angostura

Pour your ingredients into a tin, ice it up and shake hard for ten seconds. Double strain into your chilled coupe, garnish generously with grated nutmeg. Go carefully with the Fernet Branca, 7.5ml only.


A gin cocktail that wouldn’t look out of place on the dessert menu, almond and triple sec together gives a bright marzipan flavour. Making this fluffy drink fis ar too easy and the perfect compliment to any Christmas pudding.

Glass:  Bellini Glass

Method: Reverse Dry Shake

Egg White

40ml Gin

30ml Fresh Lemon Juice

15ml Triple Sec

15ml Orgeat Syrup

Add everything to your tin, egg white first. Shake with ice and then strain out the ice and dry shake to emulsify. Double strain over rocks into your glass and garnish with orange ribbons. Cut an orange peel with as little pith as possible and then slice long and thin. Twist them all together and then place them on top of the drink.

Prescription Julep

Strong, cool and smooth. This is a drink best enjoyed in front of the fire to unwind and let it help you mellow during the festive period. The secret is using a proper metal cup to ice up with pearls of crushed ice.

Glass: Julep Tin

Method: Build

35ml Courvoisier VS

15ml Buffalo Trace Bourbon

25ml Cinnamon Syrup

7/8 Mint leaves

2 Dash Orange Bitters

Muddle the mint gently in the bottom of the tin with all your ingredients and then crushed ice slowly whilst mixing with a bar spoon, fill to the top with crushed ice making sure it has diluted well and top with two straws. Place a mint sprig right in the middle, grate cinnamon on top and express an orange twist over the top and then discard.

Douglas Negroni

When Josh first tried this he used his Christmas tree at home, by Christmas day the tree was almost baron because he had used half the branches. A green feeling negroni with all the flavour of Christmas.

Method: Stirred

Glass: Rocks Glass

25ml Douglas Fir Infused Gin

20ml Sweet Vermouth

25ml Campari

7.5ml Liqueur de Sapin (Fir)

Pour your ingredients into a mixing glass, fill with ice and stir for roughly 30 seconds or until correctly diluted. Strain into a chilled rocks glass with fresh ice. Twist an orange over the top and discard, a fir sprig for garnish.

If you can’t find Sapin Liqueur, use 35ml of Fir infused Gin. Make sure to use untreated fir leaves.

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